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Ayurvedic Nasal Treatment-Includes 15 mins .Initial complementary consult & Relax time(excludes oil)

  • 45 min
  • 100 Australian dollars
  • Sydney Road

Service Description

It is one of the panchakarma's mentioned in Ayurveda. It is a process by which drug is administered through the nostrils. It basically works on shringataka marma meridians connecting nose, eyes, ears and throat. Purvakarma (Pre-purification Measures)- Prior to nasya karma, sneha and swedan should be done to the patients Face, Forehead, Head, Ears and Neck. This prior snehana (oleation) and swedana (sudation or sweating) will help to loosen the adhesive doshas, thereby facilitating the subsequent elimination. Pradhan karma (Main Procedure of Nasyakarma) - After the Purvakarma the patient is asked to lie down in a bed with his hand and legs kept straight. His head is maintained at a lower position by keeping the pillow below the neck. This position will facilitate the direct passage of the drug. Placing the medicine above hot water gently warms it and then it is made to flow in to one nostril, while the other is kept closed the same process is carried out in the other nostril also. For the administration of the drug a pichu (Cotton swab) or nadi (tube) may be used (dropper can be used). The soles, shoulder, neck, ear and palm are gently massaged after the administration of the drug. He must spit out all the impurities and medicine that reach his mouth. The spitting is repeatedly carried out turning to both sides while the patient is lying. Swedakarma (sudation) should be repeated after the nasya treatment. Benefits - 1. Trigeminal Neuralgia 2. Bel's Palsy 3. To improves memory & eye sight Insomnia 4. Elimination of excess Mucus Hyper pigmentation in the face Pre-mature greying of hair 5. To brings clarity to voice Headaches of various origin Hemiplegia 6. Loss of smell and taste 7. Frozen Shoulder 8. Migraine 9. Stiffness of the neck 10. Nasal Allergies 11. Nasal Polyp 12. Neurological dysfunctions Sinusitis 13. To relive stress and emotional imbalances 14. Stiffness in the neck & shoulders dryness of the nose 15. Hoarseness of voice 16. Convulsions NOTE - SUGGESTED IN SERIES OF 5-7 AND CONSULATION IS NECEESARY BEFORE THE TREATMENT IF IT IS FOR ANY AILMENT. KINDLY CALL BEFORE BOOKING THIS TREATMENT.

Contact Details

  • 3a/565 Sydney Rd, Seaforth NSW, Australia


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