Happy Mother's Day !

Special packages for the most special person!




Now it's time to take her to a stress-free zone.

Looking for creative, thoughtful ways to show your devotion, love & gratitude for your Mom this Mother’s Day?


Below we share some ideas on how to incorporate the beauty and wisdom of the Ayurveda into your gifts and offerings. We hope this list inspires you to reconnect with nature and to take time to slow down and reflect on the sweetness of your mother’s unconditional love.

“One of the nicest ways to treat your mother — or a favorite aunt, grandma, mentor ,wife or other caring person — on her own memorable day is with a Mother’s Day Ayurveda Massage & Facial”

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women out there providing love, support and nourishment to the ones you nurture. We thank you.


Team The Healing Ayurveda

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Ayurvedic heavenly bliss package  -$345(worth -$400) 2.15hrs


 Its time to pamper your mum with the most relaxing Package for the body, mind and soul.Relax and re-energise Mum with two hours of bliss. 

The package includes-

 15 mins Ayurvedic consultation with Dr.Shivani

 1hour Kalari marma massage

 1/2 hour Shirodhara with complementary 1litres black     sesame oil

 15 mins Herbal steam


Ayurvedic Beauty sparking Package $330(worth -$365) - 2hrs

  Spoil your mum with our special Ayurvedic Beauty Package . This massage and facial treatment package is a wonderful way to relieve tension, alleviate stress and have her feeling truly pampered.It is a package for the beauty-conscious.

The treatments consist of

Ayurvedic Marma facial with herbal products- 45mins , Ayurvedic beauty massage with sandalwood and jasmine oil - 1hour,

15mins consultation with our Ayurvedic Doctor.

These treatments improve the complexion, tone the skin, beautify the skin and enable you to feel young.