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Meet our Nutritionist & Chef -

Founder/ Chef "Prashant Verma" of  "Wholesome Vedic Food" moved to Australia 11 years back with a passion for the hospitality industry and a dream in his eyes to be an entrepreneur in the food industry. He did his diploma in commercial cookery, followed by Degree in hospitality. 

Initially worked in an Indian restaurant as a chef and then in an Italian restaurant for 4 years has a lot to offer from his list of different menu options. 

After meeting Dr. Shivani, Chef "Prashant" had an introduction with Ayurveda and was amazed at the health benefits of Ayurvedic cooking. Since then he started cooking "Ayurvedically" to reap the maximum benefits from food.  With a vision in mind both Chef "Prashant" & "Dr. Shivani" have started "Wholesome Vedic Food" so that people could know and learn about Ayurveda along with their diet to maintain

a healthy lifestyle. 

Contact Him for -

1 . Customised Diet consultations and Plans  

2. Customised recipes

3. Ayurvedic seasonal cooking classes

4. Ayurvedic Caterings

5. Weekly food deliveries to your door

6. Ayurvedic Nutritonal workshops

Our Ayurvedic Healing Story

Chef Prashant Verma’s tryst with the field of Ayurveda began when he met Dr. Shivani. Fascinated with the health benefits offered by this traditional Indian system of medicine, he focussed his culinary experiments on creating Ayurvedic dishes that reaped optimum benefits from their source ingredients. He collaborated with Dr. Shivani and founded "Wholesome Vedic Food "with a vision to help others improve their lifestyle through the application of Ayurvedic knowledge.




Ayurveda is for everyone, whether they are healthy or suffering from some illness. We swear by Dr. Shivani’s belief that “Prevention with nature is better than cure”. Hence, we strive to introduce people to the sustainable way of living prescribed by Ayurveda, and in the process, help them overcome their health concerns so that they can enjoy their life to the fullest!


To sum up, we use Ayurveda to:

  1. ​Boost the lifestyle and living standards of healthy people

  2. Relieve health problems in people suffering from diverse illnesses

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