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Lower back oil Therapy - Kati Vasti

Special treatment for lower back conditions including 15 min. Initial complementary consult & rest

  • 1 h
  • 120 Australian dollars
  • Sydney Road

Service Description

The term kati refers to low back region. It is procedure where medicated oil is retained for a certain period of time in the low back area. A completely sealed walled boundary is made with the paste of black gram powder or wheat powder in the kati (low back) region. The medicated oil is heated till it becomes lukewarm. This lukewarm medicated oil is then poured in to the space inside the walled boundary in a constant and continuous stream. It is retained there for a particular period of time. The medicated oil is soaked up, heated to becomes lukewarm and poured back again by adding fresh oil in it. This is repeated during the whole procedure. Benefits of katibasti :- 1. Pacifies vata dosha 2. Reduces pain and inflammation 3. Deeply purifies and improves blood circulation around lumbosacral area. 4. Removes rigidity and spasm of muscles around lumbosacral region. 5. Nourishes, lubricates and strengthens the bones, connective tissues, ligaments, nerves, muscles of lumbosacral area. 6. Relieves chronic backache, degenerative spine changes, compressed disc and spinal nerves. 7. Disc prolapse, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and sciatica. (Excludes Oil cost) NOTE - SUGGESTED IN SERIES OF 5-7 AND CONSULATION IS NECEESARY BEFORE THE TREATMENT IF IT IS FOR ANY AILMENT. KINDLY CALL BEFORE BOOKING THIS TREATMENT.

Contact Details

  • 3a/565 Sydney Rd, Seaforth NSW, Australia

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